Speaking Topics

Claire Billingsley is known for her upbeat, energized style of delivery that is motivational, always practical and business-forward.  Claire is available to speak on the below topics:

Lightness in Leadership:  Good management and leadership are essential for a business to maximize its potential and achieve its business goals.  Discover how you can enable individuals to become more effective leaders of their own lives and in the lives of their teams and organizations.  Lightness in Leadership demonstrates how different leadership styles can be adapted to the demands of the situation, requirements of the people involved and/or the challenges facing the organization.  Also, discover how leadership, combined with management, can set a new direction and manage the resources to achieve that vision.  Lightness in Leadership incorporates improvisational techniques to help you ‘stretch your mind” and help create even more flexibility in your thought processes.  Our learning experiences are both impactful and inspiring and make a measurable difference back in the workplace.

Break Out Sessions Include:

Leading in the Workplace

Time Management

Change Management

Presentation Skills

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What Our Clients Say!

“Claire Billingsley’s areas of expertise are centered around people.  Upon first meeting Claire at an IFA convention in 2006, it was during a CFE training session that everyone in the room took notice of her contribution to our subject matter of diversity in the workplace.  Her dynamic personality draws people in to listen to her wise guidance and direction as she interfaces with all levels of an organization.  She has excellent communication skills, both verbal as well as written.  Claire has an extensive background educating people and is meticulously detailed in her follow-through.  She is highly respected by her collegues and customers.  We worked on projects together with groups of people who needed to reframe their “feelings orientation” to adopt a “mind-mapping” process to think through franchise best practices that at the time was a foreign language to them.  Claire disassembled and rebuilt the franchise system framework to successfully achieve common corporate goals.  She is a whole lot of fun and maintains a lot of business savvy with discipline.  Claire will be an instantaneous asset to any organization or individual who engages Claire’s services, and I am confident that she will surpass your expectations, as she did mine.”

~ Tamara Dickerson, CFE Vice President of Risk Management, Legal Affairs and Insurance TONI&GUY/TIGI Linea

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